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Spirit of a Child

It brings me great joy to announce that Una Spirit will now be donating 8% of all profits towards the efforts of rescuing children who are being trafficked. Protecting children has been a passion of mine from my early years of life. Being an empath, I feel things deeply. I imagine myself in the lives of these children and my heart very nearly breaks. We are the sacred guardians. Children come to this planet from Spirit with such a great capacity to heal the world. It is our divine duty to protect them. Their unconditional love, their connection to the spirit world and the insight they have to offer is transformative. For far too long, the sacred Souls of children have been hurt and thus conditioned to hurt others as they move through this world. A dis-ease passed on generation after generation. We were all once children. When I look at a child, I see myself. The child I once was, who was in need of guardians, protectors. Thankfully, I have found my way through the pain I endured. Many don’t get the healing they need, I want to be a part of this healing as well. A part of our vision is to create healing medicine bags/bundles for child survivors of trafficking. This part of our cause is in the works.

Some years ago, I learned of Thorn, an organization dedicated to ending child sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. The work they’ve done is nothing short of incredible and I want to support their efforts. The Thorn organization is an authentic, effective means of saving these little Souls from a life of unspeakable horrors. For more information on what they do and their accomplishments thus far, please visit:

Please know that, as you grow and heal your own Spirit through supporting these offerings, you’re contributing to the rescue and healing of these incredible little beings who come here so pure and capable of healing the heart of man(and woman).

-Aly of Una Spirit

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If you're interested in learning more and/or donating to Thorn, please follow this link to do so.